Who I Am.

     My name is Bryan Hummel, and I love the world that surrounds us.  I am thirty-one years old and have kept reptiles ever since that early spring day in 1991 when I found a pair of Rough Green Snakes at our Ranch in Bandera, Texas.  Since that point in time, I have kept snakes and lizards from around Texas and around the world.  In May, 2001, I graduated with a BS in Biology from  Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.  I also received minors in Art and Environmental Studies.  I was able to Take a year off before Graduate School to travel, have fun and do my own thing.  I spent 6 weeks in Costa Rica, 2 weeks in Colorado, 1+ in California (Bay Area), lots of time fixing up a family ranch in the Hill Country and looking for reptiles.  I was fortunate enough to become a field biologist with the Nature Conservancy and I spent four months studying endangered birds in Central Texas (black-capped vireo and golden-cheeked warbler).  This is an organization whose mission I strongly align with.  (nature.org)

    I attended graduate school at the University of Texas to get a Masters in Biology with an emphasis in Herpetology, Evolution, Conservation, Exotic Species and other Ecology related fields.  Although I chose UTA because of its herp friendly faculty, I ended up writing my thesis on Red Imported Fire Ants which have been very detrimental to native herp populations throughout their introduced range.  My knowledge in reptiles comes from countless books, magazines, scientific journals, hundreds of snake years of experience with my own collection and a huge wealth of information from my dealings with other breeders and keepers from around the world.  I am a long time subscriber to both Reptiles Magazine and The Vivarium (now combined with Reptiles) and am a member of the South Texas Herpetology Association, The Dallas-Fort Worth Herpetological Society, East Texas Herpetological Society, Horned Lizard Conservation Society, Box Turtle Partnership of Texas, Native Plant Society of Texas and The American Federation of Herpetoculturists.

     My collection has been cut down over the past years as I transitioned into Graduate School.  Although I thought that I would have less time to care for my snakes, I was living in the same bedroom as them from 2002 to 2005, and they got much more attention than in years past.  The collection has again started to grow as I search out the best BRB's in the country and buy several babies from other top breeders.  As the babies from the other bloodlines reach 18 months of age, I sell the less stunning animals and only raise up the best of the best for my future breeders.  This insures that I will always have some of the nicest breeders in the country and will be able to offer a diverse selection of top bloodlines.  I breed almost exclusively rainbowboas (28 adults and some stunning young that I am raising for future breeders), but I still have my prettiest pair of Jungle Carpet Pythons.  As you work your way through my site I feel that you will see the work and effort that I have put forward in order to have high Quality snakes that are very easy on the eyes.

     I graduated from UTA in December 2004 and started a job with Texas Parks and Wildlife on January first 2005.  It was a learning experience and I liked the fact that I was outside much of the day.  After a few months however I realized that this was not taking me on the path I wanted to be on so I resigned my first real job after just 10 months.  I wanted to do more for the earth by working toward habitat conservation and environmental protections.  Since October 2005, I have helped several friends on various projects (moving into a new house, starting a native plant nursery, ultrasounding dozens of snakes for the 2006 breeding season, Juniper thinning, and native prairie restorations).  I worked on numerous environmental consulting projects throughout the hill country (endangered bird surveys with SWCA, erosion control projects, habitat restorations and large scale composting operations).  I then got a temporary position as a Botanist/Plant Ecologist in the Big Thicket National Preserve in far East Texas.  Although I am doing the whole nature thing, I try to get to E-mail at least once a week.  2005 was a great year for the rainbowboas even when the whole reptile room was moved in the middle of breeding season.  I produced five litters of Rainbowboas and a perfect Litter of Jungle Carpets (maternally Incubated).  I moved the snakes again last October (Finally the snakes and I do not have to share a room.....) and expect another banner year: 15 killer BRB litters, 2 Colombian litters and one clutch of Jungle Carpets.  Now that I have my own Snake House and a big backyard, I have again started to compost all of my snake feces and newspaper substrate.  As an environmentalist and avid recycler, I was tried of throwing away so much perfectly good organic matter.  I now turn yard waste, kitchen waste, and snake waste into compost and have the healthiest garden on the block.  If you want more information on composting, just E-mail me.  Eventually I will post a page explaining this simple process.

     My reptiles are on display several times a year around the state as well as at the Daytona Reptile Breeders Expo and the big Chicago Expo in early October.  I try to attend the local shows (Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Arlington and DFW) because I like to sell snakes to people in person more than over the internet.  This allows the buyer to look through and hold ALL the available babies and make a very informed decision.  I then have time to talk their ear off about housing requirements and husbandry issues.   For more information on upcoming shows, E-mail me at Rainbowboa@hotmail.com


A little more history: 

     In 1994 I saved up my lawn-mowing money and bought a pair of baby Brazilian Rainbow Boas for $400.  It was a lot of money to me back then (and today), but after three years and a successful breeding, I realized that my hobby could not only finally pay for itself, but possibly pay me a few cents per hour of doing what I enjoy.  My original female is still producing in 2005 at 11 years old.  The business potential became even more apparent when I began working for Dave and Tracy Barker (Vida Preciosa International www.vpi.com).  Along with gaining immeasurable expertise in husbandry, breeding, and genetic color/pattern mutations, I saw the business end of breeding rare reptiles first hand.  I am not money driven, but why not get paid to do what you love doing while at the same time allowing others the opportunity to experience the same joys that I feel when I watch a beautiful part of nature mature under the best possible conditions that I can provide in captivity.  I am asked by many people in my field (Conservation Biology / Environmental Studies), "why do you take these animals out of their natural home, confine them to a cage, and feed them lab rodents.... that seems a bit UNNATURAL doesn't it?"  My response is that, yes it is unnatural, but some of these animals are suffering in the wild due to habitat loss, introduced predators and over collecting for the pet and leather trade.  As for confining them to a cage,  I use larger cages that allow the snakes to stretch out, I provide clean water and substrate, I provide an adequate amount of food, I provide a temperature gradient that lets the reptile decide the exact temperature that it wants to be, and I provide a predator free life for these snakes.  Also, Rainbow boas are more like an ambush hunter than an active hunter like coachwhips, racers and cobras.  In the wild they will coil up under a log or some leaves and they will Sit-and-Wait for a meal to pass by.  You will see this behavior in captivity as well.  Rainbowboas will coil up in their hide box or under the substrate and sit in one place for weeks, only moving to eat or drink.  What I am doing is producing baby snakes so that there is no longer a need (or economic incentive) to take animals out of the wild for the pet trade, and in the process, I am educating people about these magnificent creatures that need our respect and in some cases... Our help.

I have constructed this website by myself, with the help of my brother and a good friend, Joe Forks.  It is very simple, but so is my knowledge of constructing websites. I got the domain name of RainbowBoas.com to increase the number of hits I would get, I got an account at Kingsnake.com and I had my brother aid me in the set up to make it look semi-professional (or at least work).  Now after three years, I can upload (FTP) and do most of the upkeep myself.  I must apologize about some of the inactive links. I had to delete most of my photo albums in June 2005 because my site was taking up 500Mb and I was only paying for 50 Mb.  I will try to get this remedied by 2006.


I guarantee that the babies I sell are from the adults pictured.

I guarantee the animals to be in perfect health.

I guarantee the animals to be feeding, and well established (unless we personally discuss otherwise).

I guarantee the animals will arrive to you alive if shipped on an insured carrier. (i.e. DELTA DASH)

I will make every attempt to make your purchase as enjoyable as possible, and be available for questions pre- and post- sale.  I stand by my animals and will do my best to ensure you are happy with what you get, even if that includes refunds or replacement.  I can offer these benefits because I work on a small scale, I focus on individual sales, I strive for customer satisfaction, and my good reputation is worth the extra effort.


Comments and further questions can be E-mailed to me at Rainbowboa@hotmail.com or by phone at:

Bryan Hummel (210)-218-7915... Leave a message and I will get back with you...10 am to 10 pm please.


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