Price List

I. Epicrates Boas Of South America.

    a.  Brazilian Rainbow Boas.  Epicrates cenchria cenchria

Prices will be between $125 and $250 depending on parents and the looks of the babies.

Inquire about pricing for Rainbow Morphs.

I only sell the above average animals to individual customers (I wholesale off any less than spectacular animals) so you can rest assured that you will receive the best of the best.


All animals will be fed at least three meals (live fuzzy mice), shed and poop before I am ready to ship them out.  This is another way I insure that my customers get the finest, strongest and healthiest animals possible.

 b.  Colombian Rainbow Boas.  Epicrates cenchria maurus

Price for normal Colombians in 2006 will be about $75. Stripes will be $250.


II.  Other Snakes from around the world.

   a.  Jungle Carpet Pythons.  Morelia spilota cheynei

I have produced pure jungles since 2001. They are a joy to keep and to admire.

My bloodline is from Dave and Tracy Barker (VPI). I have 3.6 Jungles that are breeding size, and a diverse group growing up. I have future breeders from the Reptilicus Covergirl bloodline, a diverse group of standout jungles from Andrew Hare. I am also working with a few Carpet Morphs.

Thanks to all who purchased their pet from me over the years. You know who you are.....Please E-mail me to tell me how things are going and please send me photographs so that I can show others how the babies from this pairing will look like as they mature....

Because of the adults coloration, the clutch from the Golden female should grow up to be stunning.  Both parents are offspring of the Jungle Carpet Python on the front cover of Dave and Tracy's Book on Australian Pythons.  My Breeders are thus half-Brother and half-Sister related through one of the nicest looking Jungle carpets ever; one who kept his vibrancy until at least 7+ years of age.  Many other bloodlines fade or develop a black over-wash after 4 years of age.  When it comes to Buying Jungle Carpet Pythons, ALWAYS see photographs of the adults.  Most breeders will not show you current photos of their breeders because they do not look as good as they did when they were 2 to 4 years old.

My adults have also darkened with age, BUT they are still Brightly colored on velvety jet black background and I have photographs taken in 2003 when they are fully 5 years old  Golden female and her mate Tracy JC male.

Prices will be around fair market value, I suspect somewhere around $200 each.

Links to photographs can be found at the top of the Jungle Carpet page.



These are all the snakes that I own. I don't typically buy adults or buy then re-sell animals.  I like to buy babies, then raise them up to breeding size.  For my own future breeding stock, what I have started doing is buying several babies from the nicest adults that I can find, raising them up for 12 to 18 months and then keeping the best of the best.  When I have yearlings for sale, it is because I have some siblings that are extraordinary, and I do not want to continue to raise the ones that are less than spectacular.  The ones that I am selling are probably well above average, BUT I do not need to have six sibling females, just the top two or three from each bloodline. This method allows me to get the cream of the crop, to know the snakes entire history (shedding, eating, breeding), avoid any diseases that may be carried by adult animals from other collections, and have very tame adults.  I am only keeping the snakes that are my favorite.  Rainbowboas are quite comfortable at temperatures that I like to live in (75 to 80degrees), very docile, great eaters with no unusual husbandry issues.... so I find them an ideal species for reasons other than beauty. I want this to be a fun hobby, not a demanding business.  I can take care of about 100 of these animals in about one hour each day.


I guarantee that the babies I sell are from the adults pictured.

I guarantee the animals to be in perfect health.

I guarantee the animals to be feeding, and well established (unless we personally discuss otherwise).

I guarantee the animals will arrive to you alive if shipped on an insured carrier. (i.e. DELTA DASH)

I will make every attempt to make your purchase as enjoyable as possible, and be available for questions pre- and post- sale.  I stand by my animals 100% and will do my best to ensure you are happy with what you get, even if that includes refunds or replacement.  I can offer these benefits because I work on a small scale, and my good reputation is worth the extra effort.

I  do not take deposits to reserve baby snakes.  I do however keep an accurate list of who contacts me about purchasing baby snakes.  These people will be contacted when the babies are born, and the babies will be sold on a first-come first-served basis according to who sends payment first. 

If you would like to get on the list for this years babies, E-mail me with RESERVATION LIST and the type of snake you want in the subject line.  Because I keep these records on my computer, I would prefer an E-mail, but I can still put you on a list if you call me (210)-218-7915 cell).


If you have any Questions, E-mail me (Bryan Hummel)

You can also call (210) 218-7915.   Between 10am and 10pm please.


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