Coastal Carpet Pythons

Eric's Coastal Carpets

These carpet pythons are also from VPI, but they are not actually mine.  I was snake sitting for my good friend Eric, while he has a great time living and experiencing New York.  They are 1999 captives and growing super fast.  Eric told me that they may be "a little nippy", but ever since I have been taking care of them, they have been baby dog tame.  They seen to love being held,  they will actually come to my hand and crawl up my arm when I reach into their cage.  The only times I ever worry is if I smell like rats or mice, they are lightning quick and will come 2 feet out of their cage to snag dinner.  They seem to be much more arboreal than my jungle carpets, spending about 75% of their time in one of the numerous branches that adorn the cage that Eric designed

Although Eric took his snakes back years ago, I had such a great experience with this species that I purchased a few more in 2007.  They are really stunning animals and I hope to have babies in 2010.  Please contact me for additional information.


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