This is Bryan Hummel's Biology Paper Index.

These are links to full text versions which I have written while in attendance at Trinity University.

All rights reserved. I do not intend for any part of these documents to be copied without my written permission.

1996:  No computerized copies of papers written for "Evolution, Ecology and the Diversity of Life"

1997:  Ditto for "Organismal Structure and Function" and "Cellular and Molecular Biology"

1998:  No Reptilian Interests in "Botany", but one in "Parisitology"

Tongue Worms, The Reptilian Pentastomids.( Junior level Parasitology paper)

1999:  Several of interest from "Ecology" and "Vertebrate Physiology"

Ecology_lab.3.htm (Bird Habitat Use In Brackenridge Park)

Ecology_lab.7.htm ( Fox Squirrel Foraging Habits at Trinity University)

Ecology_lab.8.htm ( The Effects of Human Land Management Practices on the Small Mammals of Friedrich Park. )

Ecology_lab.10.htm ( Succession Along the San Antonio River Floodplain )

Ecology_Government_Canyon.htm ( Government Canyon Ecological Survey )

Vertebrate Physiology Final Exam Questions  (Dealing with the process of Digestion)

Vertebrate Physiology Final Exam Questions (part 2) (Digestion and Ulcers)

Your Actions Are Getting On My Frogs Nerves. (measure action potential movement down the sciatic nerve)

Stimulation to the Point of Exhaustion. (similar experiment, but using force of muscle contraction for data)

Untitled (quantitatively measure the amount of O2 that a mouse uses during respiration indifferent environments)



Habitat Conservation Plan for the Endangered Species of the Edwards Aquifer System  (64-pages)

Planning for the Future: San Antonio and the Edwards Aquifer (a shorter paper on similar topic).

Vitamin D and its Function/Role(s) as a Steroid Hormone in Mammals and Reptiles. (Endocrinology)

Thermoregulation and Learning in Coastal Carpet Pythons (for Comparative Phychology)


Python Taxonomy (from a Molecular Evolution course.)

Suggestions on Reducing Ozone Levels in San Antonio. (for Environmental Economics, a look at Air pollution)


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